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SmartConference has evolved into HeyConference, a new product based on SmartConference concept

The Specialized tool offering advanced Conference management exciting participant experience with:

  • Mobility
    • Smartphone based easy access to Conference Resources
  • Networking
    • Trigger more and better contacts
  • Interest Monitoring
    • What participants expected and got (Automatic Metrics on what participants appreciated at the Conference)
  • Marketing User-Profiling
    • Reach your participants with a dedicated privileged channel through mobile devices

SmartConference is a specialized tool for Conferences management created to support:

  • The Organizers
    • To manage their participants and stimulate event participation in a powerful and easy way
    • To guarantee event and conference visibility over a wide and growing community ( user base)
    • To support event participants giving them access to Conference content over widespread mobile devices (smart-phones, tablets)
    • To facilitate conference organization service with monitoring and metrics tools over conference participants, profiles, preferences and interactions.

  • The participants
    • Empowering their contacts and networking abilities and facilitating new connections and business opportunities;
    • Giving informative services about conference logistics, participant profiles, positioning and interactive contents;
    • Facilitating conference participation with automatics processes concerning subscriptions, contact management, business card exchange, event information collection and store, follow-up and social networking;
    • Increasing conference participation experience with Mobile and web tool in a more effective and productive way

SmartConference is developed as a Mobile App (available on the most common mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android) and a web-portal ( with services for conference organizers (conference management and monitoring) and individual users (profile, subscription, self assessment, networking and mobility).

SmartConference concept has been developed based on:

  • The experience acquired over more than 10 years in conference organization, networking and community establishment, enlargement and assessment of SmartConference Team
  • The feedback and experience of participants collected live during events that contributed to the identification and design of user experience functionalities over the whole development process
  • The involvement of three main Conference communities:
    • The ICE Conference (International Conference on Concurrent Engineering (
    • The European Network of Living Lab (
    • The User Experience e "Desing for All" (

SmartConference: Conference and Event Management Networking Mobile based Software

Conference Participant Networking, Matchmaking, Dynamic Agenda Sessions, Interactive Map(s), Conference twitter and social network connection, Conference Events, Alert, Notifications, Profile suggestions, Conference and Participants Statistics and much more...

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